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27 Dec

January: Questioning My Sanity

  • I accepted a part-time teach contract at Georgetown District School teaching one section of grade nine drama while continuing to work with Pathways to Education.  I wasn’t sure how I was going to cope except to continually remind myself that July would come sooner than expected!

February: Questioning Why

  • In September 2011, a student I worked with at Banting Memorial in Alliston drowned with his older brother while on an annual camping trip with friends.  His death was shocking and I had a difficult time dealing with his passing.
  • On February 6th, an acquaintance of my husband and I was killed in a bizzare accident on the Gardiner heading east into Toronto.  She was only 19 years old.  Although I did not know Katie very well, I did learn from her at a dinner one night that she had dreams of being a mother and that she loved looking after children.  I also met her mother, a kind woman who cared very much for her daughter.  Katie’s death was so unexpected and untimely, just like Gavin’s death only 6 months earlier.  I questioned what it all meant and had a difficult time finding any sot of comforting or rational thoughts.

March: Learning Alone

  • I had an opportunity to attend a TEDx conference in Waterloo.  I went alone and enjoyed every moment of it.  I had the entire day to reflect and to listen to a number of interesting speakers.  It was a refreshing escape from the stress of 15 hour days.

June: More Confusion

  • June 4th 2012, Marcus Husbands (a young man from Regent Park) opened fired in the Eaton Center food court killing and injuring several people.  This event grabbed worldwide media attention and shook Torontonians to their core. The shooting effected the youth of Regent Park in a different way, many felt that they were under the media microscope.  This was a difficult time for all of the community members.  My thoughts continue to be with the victims and their families.

September: Bills and Puppies

  • Bill 115 was passed into legislation.  Although the unions agreed to wage freezes, the “illegal to strike” portion of the law wasn’t sitting too well with teachers.
  • After leaving Pathways in Augusts and having some trouble securing supply work (partly due to Bill 115) I decided I needed a change, I needed something new in my life to distract from everything.  So, my husband and I began fostering wiener dogs! Best decision I made all year!

November: Sanctions

  • The teaching unions enforce sanctions which cause many extra-curriculars to be put on hold such as field trips.  Tensions were growing over Bill 115…

December: Steps to a Fresh Start

  • Even with the mess that continues to battle on over Bill 115, I was hired for a fulltime LTO starting in January 2013!

2012 was not an easy year, but my fingers are crossed for the start of something fresh and new in 2013.  My hopes are that something can be negotiated for teachers and for the students, that the memory of those lost are remembered with love and that everyone can find inner peace and the motivation to make the most of 2013.


Happy New Year…