Technology in the Classroom

21 Jan

I love to use technology in my classroom!  I like to show images and videos, send students on digital scavenger hunts or give them access to video cameras to present information and thinking.

In February, my co-worker and I at Pathways to Education in Regent Park will be facilitating a math program using resources from the JUMP Math program and using the Wii Mote smartboard from Johnny Lee.  I was introduced to this technology in teachers college, and it’s pretty cool.

When the program begins I will upload pictures of set up and the use of the equipment!  Try it at home, a smart board with the already needed bluetooth capable laptop, a projector plus a wii mote and a small IR light pen.  With the technology we are going to be able to engage our students in hands on learning through games and digital manipulatives!

Have you ever used this wii mote technology in your classroom???


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